Subtraction and addition up to 10 – insert the correct arithmetic sign

Free printable worksheets for children, where the child has to write the correct sign between two numbers to get the correct result. What can be found in these number worksheets? When a child completes these printable worksheets for children, they practice addition, subtraction, number recognition, and also develop logical thinking. […]

Subtraction within 20

Free printable exercise for children, where the child must solve simple subtraction examples within the tens range – neither the minuend nor the subtrahend exceeds 20, and the result is not negative. What’s in the printable worksheets? In these ten printable exercise pages for children, there are examples where two […]

Addition to 5

Free printable exercises have 10 pages with 18 exercises on each page. The exercise consists of an arithmetic task where have to sum two addends, the sum of the addition does not exceed 5. If these exercises are too easy? When the addtion to 5 becomes to easy then go […]

Subtraction within 10

Free printable worksheets for kids, where children have to do simple arithmetic examples with subtraction within 10. That is, neither minuend, nor subtrahend are not bigger than 10 and result is not negative, does not exceed 10. Whats in the worksheet? These 10 printable worksheets contains examples where two numbers […]



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