Addition to 5

Free printable exercises have 10 pages with 18 exercises on each page. The exercise consists of an arithmetic task where have to sum two addends, the sum of the addition does not exceed 5.

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If these exercises are too easy?

When the addtion to 5 becomes to easy then go forward with the arithmetic skills and print out the worksheets with addition to 10. If that is also to boring you could try the addition to 10 with hidden addends or addition to 10 with several addends subtraction thee exercises are introduction in substraction.

Saskaitīšana līdz 10 ar vairākiem saskaitāmiem

Addition to 10 with several addends

Printabls are too hard?

Each kid learns in a bit different way. There should be no worries if your child has a bit of trouble with particular printables. It’s always advised from time to time to have some step back to allow kids to work on some easier tasks.
This will give children a feeling of accomplishment and will give the energy to work on some harder tasks next time.

Saskaitīšana līdz 3

Addition to 3

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Fill the form and we will send you link to the exercise sheets with 10 pages, that will have 18 exercises on each page. Where children have to do addition with two addends. The sum of addends does not exceed 5.

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