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Free printable worksheets for kids, where children have to do simple arithmetic examples with addition to 10. Children are learning addition and training the recognition of numbers.

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What’s in the free printable pack?

These 10 free printable worksheets for children contain examples where two numbers, countable have to be added, the sum of the constables does not exceed 10, so kids can easily do the adding with help of their fingers, or parents can start how to use counting sticks.

For example, cut-off matches can be used as counting sticks so children would start to learn to use them as in adding to 20 the fingers might be not enough.
Surely it’s better than the kid does not use either, and do the adding in their mind, without external help, but if you train one page per day kid will start to calculate in their mind by themselves.

Each time you fill out the form it will be generated new worksheets, and you will get randomized exercises.

Who free printable pack is for?

Worksheets for adding to 10 is suitable for five years old, four years old kids, and children, but that depends on each kid individually.
Our free printable resources and activities for kids could be also used in kindergarten, daycare centers, or in Montesori education.
If parents see that it’s too complicated, maybe it’s better to take a step back and give children counting exercises or adding to 3.

This printable for kids is too easy

If addition to 10 feels already too easy, you should start with more complex free printable worksheets for age five, six, or even four –  next level cold be one of – addition to 10 with several countable items, addition to 10 with hidden addends or addition to 20.

Saskaitīšana līdz 10 ar vairākiem saskaitāmiem

Addition to 10 with several addends

This printable worksheet is too hard

If parents or daycare teacher notices that kids are having struggle to do the exercises maybe it is better to take a step back do some lighter Free Downloadable Activity Sheets for Kids and train a bit easier tasks. We suggest to try out one of these daycare worksheets – addition to 3, counting objects without suggestions, counting object with suggestions.

Saskaitīšana līdz 3

Addition to 3

How to get free worksheets for kids?

  • Fill the form
  • Get the materials
  • Print on a printer that you have access to
  • Do exercises together with children
  • Fill up the form if you want a different version

Download free printables for kids

Fill the form and we will send you link to the pdf file – printable worksheets – with arithmetic exercises.
You will be able to download the file on your computer and use them repeatedly.

Document will contain 10 worksheet pages with 16 addition examples  and sum of those exercises does not go over 10. Can printout all pages or just specific ones.

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We hope to help kids learn with our printable worksheets, and we have a growing collection of free printables. We are working on expanding tasks so that we would have free printables for all ages.
But that is taking time and energy. So if you have the possibility please consider supporting us.

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