Steam Summer Sale 2023

Currently, there is the Steam Summer Sale, a great opportunity to purchase a game with a fantastic discount. Most likely, we will buy one of the Lego video games, because two children and/or adults can play it on one computer together, completing missions. Video games as a motivation carrot and […]

Best split screen games

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best split-screen games based on our experience. If you catch them during sales, the investment is not that significant – many games are available for purchase at less than 5 euros during promotional periods, and sales events occur […]

Minetest / Minecraft

Minecraft is very addictive, interesting and popular game. Virtual world were player, from blocks can build literally anything. Minetest? You mean Minecraft right? We encourage to build towers in the real life from real blocks, but there is no way to live nowadays without digital world.This could be awesome hobby […]



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