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Best split screen games, example of Tux Karts 4 players

Best split screen games

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best split-screen games based on our experience. If you catch them during sales, the investment is not that significant – many games are available for purchase at less than 5 euros during promotional periods, and sales events occur […]

Example of exercise Subtraction and addition up to 10 - insert the correct arithmetic sign

Subtraction and addition up to 10 – insert the correct arithmetic sign

Free printable worksheets for children, where the child has to write the correct sign between two numbers to get the correct result. What can be found in these number worksheets? When a child completes these printable worksheets for children, they practice addition, subtraction, number recognition, and also develop logical thinking. […]

Lost letters

We are constantly working on our growing collection of free printable worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. We where planning to create these printable worksheets for a long time already, but our hands was too short, could not reach to create these exercises for kids. In these exercise pages are list […]

Examples for exercises Addition to 5

Addition to 5

Free printable exercises have 10 pages with 18 exercises on each page. The exercise consists of an arithmetic task where have to sum two addends, the sum of the addition does not exceed 5. If these exercises are too easy? When the addtion to 5 becomes to easy then go […]

Do not eat yellow snow! Neither blue or green.

You can try to realize this small project this winter. There still is some snow, and winter is not yet over, guess there will be more snow this season.Well if you are reading “in the land down under” or in some other slow-less place, you are missing out great exercise.We […]

pasaka Baiļu nakts

“Scary night” fairy tail from book “Stories for boys”

Together with kids we recorded the fairy tail “Scary night”. This is from story book “Stories for boys”. Besides this story there are several awesome stories.At the moment only place where you would be able to get it is in children library. The idea felt pretty simple. Take a small […]

Saskaitīšana līdz 10 ar nezināmajiem - Bezmaksas darba lapas bērniem

Addition to 10 with hidden addends

Free printable worksheet for kids, where children have to do simple arithmetic exercises with two addends but instead of unknown result, one of the addends is missing. What is in the worksheets? These ten worksheets has examples containing two addends with sum not exceeding 10 and one of the addends […]

Count and mark – without answers

The counting printable exercises with answers got to easy for my kid, but this task is one of the favorites. So to up the challenge we created version that does not contain the answer just a place where to write the correct count. This way i am tricking the kids […]

Evening story

Sometimes before the bed we are reading fairy tales. Sometimes comics, other times listening to the audio fairy tales. But lately we are telling our own stories, fairy tales. Its interesting to listen to the children imagination in work, stories that sometimes provide of some useful insights. For example, on […]

Photo hunting

Every phone has a camera, but in the absence of a phone, one can consider purchasing a second-hand digital photo camera, which is a cost-effective alternative. Additionally, the advantage of using a legacy digital camera is less stress about dropping it on the ground. Second life, extended life for old […]

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