Subtraction and addition up to 10 – insert the correct arithmetic sign

Free printable worksheets for children, where the child has to write the correct sign between two numbers to get the correct result.

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What can be found in these number worksheets?

When a child completes these printable worksheets for children, they practice addition, subtraction, number recognition, and also develop logical thinking. These are some of the worksheets that should be in the preschool activity collection.

What age range are these printable worksheets intended for children?

The worksheets for counting up to 10 are suitable for five-year-olds, four-year-olds, but it depends on each child individually. If parents see that the task is too complicated, maybe they should take a step back and perhaps do not necessarily easier, but different types of exercises.

These task sheets can be used in kindergartens, preschool educational institutions, as well as in Montessori pedagogy, and they are excellent teaching materials for home use.

Are the printable math exercises for children too easy?

When these exercises no longer pose a challenge, you can move on to other tasks – subtraction within tens, addition within tens with multiple addends, or counting up to 20.

Bezmaksas darba lapas bērniem - Saskaitīšana līdz 20

Saskaitīšana līdz 20

Are these educational materials too difficult for children?

If you see that these worksheets are a bit too difficult, perhaps you should take a step back and complete slightly easier tasks. Even if the more challenging tasks are going well, from time to time, you can give children slightly easier type of printable worksheets to bring joy to the child for a job well done quickly and accurately.

Example of Subtraction up to 20 with unknowns

Subtraction up to 20 with unknowns

How to obtain digital resources?

  • Fill out the form to receive free worksheets for children.
  • Receive them in digital collections.
  • Print them on your available printer; these worksheets are printer-friendly for black and white printers.
  • Complete the printable math exercises together with your child.
  • Fill out the form again if you want a new version.

Each time you fill out the form, new worksheets and tasks for children will be generated, with a different sequence of examples.

Send yourself printable worksheets for children.

Fill out the form and we will send you a link to the digital collection of worksheets with arithmetic exercises. You will be able to download the document to your computer and use these worksheets repeatedly.

The document will contain 10 sets of worksheets with 16 addition examples each, where the sum does not exceed 10. You can print all the worksheets for the child, or just a specific page of the worksheet.

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