Subtraction up to 20 with unknowns

Free printable task for children, where the child has to solve simple subtraction arithmetic examples up to twenty. In the tasks, one of the numbers is unknown, the result or the subtractor must be filled in by the child’s calculation.

By completing the tasks, the child practices subtraction – arithmetic, determining the unknown, and recognizing numbers.

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What is in the worksheets?

In this set of ten exercise pages, there are examples where the unknown value needs to be found. The result of the example does not exceed 20 and is not less than 0. The parent should demonstrate how to count on fingers, bending them to represent subtraction, or provide counting tokens if necessary. Examples should show how to find the unknown addend.

Ideally, the child should be encouraged to calculate mentally rather than relying on fingers or tokens. With practice and completing exercises regularly, the child will eventually realize that mental calculation is faster than using tokens.

For whom are the tasks intended?

The worksheets for addition up to 20 with unknown addends are suitable for five-year-olds, six-year-olds, and seven-year-olds, but it depends on each child individually.

If the tasks are too easy?

If subtraction up to 20 with unknown addends becomes too easy, you can switch to a different type of task – subtraction within the tens.

Bezmaksas darba lapas bērniem - Saskaitīšana, atņemšana līdz 10 - ievieto pareizo aritmētikas zīmi

Saskaitīšana, atņemšana līdz 10 – ievieto pareizo aritmētikas zīmi

If the worksheets are a bit too difficult?

If parents see that the task is too complicated, maybe it’s time to take a step back and do addition up to 10 with two addends, addition up to 3, or counting exercises.

Example of exercise Subtraction up to 10 with unknowns

Subtraction up to 10 with unknowns

How to get free printable worksheets?

  • Fill out the form
  • Receive the materials
  • Print using your available printer
  • Complete it together with the child
  • Fill out the form again if you want a new version

Each time you fill out the form, a new set of worksheets will be generated, ensuring that the sequence of tasks and examples on the worksheets will not repeat.

Send printable task sheets to your email!

Fill out the form and we will send you a link to printable materials – worksheets – with arithmetic exercises. You will be able to download the document to your computer and use these worksheets multiple times.

The document will contain 10 pages of exercises with 18 addition examples on each page. The subtraction tasks range from 0 – 20, and in the examples, there are unknown subtrahends, minuends, or results.

You can print all the worksheets for the child or just a specific page.

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