Do you like Lego? Do you like Batman?

Do you like Lego? Do you like Batman? Then discounts on Steam platform for Lego Batman Video game comes at the right moment.

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Lego Batman: Video game

Video from the game, sorry for bad quality. But idea is clear. In the game you have to brake and make objects from Lego blocks. Have to fight bad guys on the way solving some small puzzles.
This game is pretty and that is good as its hardware requirements are not demanding, at least for modern day. Game can be played by two sharing the screen. In our case that is perfect.

Don’t know any kid that does not like to play with Lego blocks or some kind of analog to Lego bricks. When i was small was fan of the Batman and looks like i have injected this int my kids.
But kids in general does not care so much about one super hero or other, they happy to play with any, all are good.
And maybe that’s even better as the discount is not only for Batman video game but also other games.
Most of the games, as i know, are playable by two on split screen.
Also parents can get pleasure of playing these games, just don’t forget to give the game to kids to play.

The Lego movie

No, dont say that you have not watched The Lego movie with kids. I know, its a bit dangerous, as kids could like and want Lego constructors even more. At this point any of Lego computer games will be cheaper than any Lego constructors.

The Lego movie – Game

The Lego movie – game, follows the story line of the movie. So kids can relive the animation, and be the main heroes.

Where to buy?

In the Steam platform there is discount for all the Lego games. Could be that for your kids more interesting, relatable is other supper-heroes or characters than Batman.
We suggest, if You loved The Lego movie, could be a better choice, as also in this game at some point you will be able to play as a Batman. So The Lego Movie: Videogame, could be better choice.

Btw, both games, can be played also on Linux if steam play is enabled.

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