Addition to 20 with several addends

This article introduces free printable worksheets for preschool children to practice simple arithmetic exercises with two or several addends. The exercises are designed to help children develop their arithmetic and number recognition skills, with each submission generating a new set of randomized examples. The article provides tips for parents on how to help their children and how to access and print the worksheets.

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What’s in the free printable worksheet for kids?

Our free printable worksheets for preschool children feature simple arithmetic exercises. Kids will be tasked with adding two or several addends together, with the sum not exceeding 20. Each time the form is submitted, new worksheets with randomized order of examples will be generated.

Who are They For?

These worksheets in addition to 20 with several addends are suitable for five and four-year-old children, but this may depend on each individual child.

What Do Kids Learn in These Worksheets?

Through these exercises, kids can train their arithmetic skills and number recognition.

What if These free printable worksheets for kindergarten are Too Easy?

If your child is comfortable with addition to 20 with several addends, we recommend moving on to the next challenge, such as subtraction in the range of 0 to 20, or adding and subtraction in the range of 0 to 20.

Saskaitīšana līdz 10 ar nezināmajiem - Bezmaksas darba lapas bērniem

Addition to 10 with hidden addends

What if These Worksheets are Too Hard?

If your child is struggling with the exercises, it may be a good idea to step back and do some additional training with addition to 10 with several addends, addition to 10 with two addends, addition to 3, or counting objects.

Example of printable worksheets for kids addition to 20

Addition to 20

How to get free printable worksheets for children?

To access these free printable worksheets, simply fill and submit the form. We will send you a link to the printable document containing ten pages, with nine exercises per page. Addition examples will have two or more addends, and the sum will not exceed 20. You can download the document and use it repeatedly, printing out one or all pages as needed. If you need a different version of the exercises, simply submit the form again.

Download these printables for kids

  • Submit form
  • Get materials
  • Print on the available printer (black and white printer friendly)
  • Do exercises with kids
  • Submit the form again if you need a different version of the exercises

Send yourself a link to the exercises

To access these free printable worksheets, simply fill out and submit the form on our website. We will then send you a link to a printable document containing arithmetic exercises. The document is available for you to download and use repeatedly.

Each document consists of 10 pages, with 9 exercises per page. The addition examples included in the worksheets will have two or more addends, and the sum will not exceed 20.

Feel free to print out as many pages as you need, and return to our website to generate a new version with a different variation of worksheets. We want to ensure that your child has a fun and challenging experience with each exercise.

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