Subtraction within 10

Free printable worksheets for kids, where children have to do simple arithmetic examples with subtraction within 10. That is, neither minuend, nor subtrahend are not bigger than 10 and result is not negative, does not exceed 10.

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Whats in the worksheet?

These 10 printable worksheets contains examples where two numbers have to be subtracted. The result of the subtraction examples is not negative, that is minuend (the number that is subtracted from) is always bigger or equals to subtrahend (number that should be subtracted). That means result is in between 0 and 10.

At start parents should monitor if children understands what needs to be done. At first need to show how to do subtraction on fingers or on counting sticks. Of course its better that kid would do the subtraction in mind, but for understanding the concept visualization with fingers or counting sticks is very helpful. And if kids will do training often enough they will know by hart and there will be no need to do the counting on fingers.

Whom these printable exercises are for ?

Worksheets for adding to 10 is suitable for preschool kids, six years old, five years old or even four years old children, but that’s depends on each kids individually.
If parents see that its too complicated, maybe its better to take step back and give children addition exercises for example addition within 10, adding to 10 with several addends.

How to get worksheets?

  • Fill the form
  • Get the materials
  • Print on printer that you have access to
  • Do exercises together with children
  • Fill up the form if you want different version

Each time you fill the form it will be generated new worksheets, you will get randomized exercises.

Fill the form and we will send you link to the pdf file – printable worksheets – with arithmetic exercises.
You will be able to download the file on your computer and use them repeatedly, free of charge.

Document will contain 10 worksheet pages with 16 subtraction examples  and result of those exercises does not go over 10 and also does not get negative value.

Can printout all pages or just specific ones.

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