The letters are mixed up in places.

We have created educational materials for home-based education that develop a child’s reading and writing skills, as well as logical thinking. There are 10 printable children’s worksheets, each containing 6 examples, where letters need to be arranged in the correct order to form a word. The illustration provides a hint that the word is jumbled.

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Who are these printable educational materials intended for?

The printable tasks for children are suitable for preschool-age children, as well as those who have just started their school journey – six-year-olds, seven-year-olds, but depending on the child’s readiness, even five-year-olds or younger children can do them.

Parents should explain in advance if there is any illustration the child doesn’t understand or if they don’t know the word itself. This way, the child also expands their vocabulary.

By completing the tasks, the child learns to recognize letters, learn to read, and learn to write letters. It also trains logical thinking, as each task is like a little puzzle.

The digital collection can be used as a teaching material at home, in kindergartens, other preschool educational institutions, schools, as well as in Montessori education.

What is in these printable worksheets?

An excellent addition to the preschool collection of activities. The set of tasks includes 10 worksheets with 6 examples on each page. The child needs to arrange the letters in the correct order to form a word. Next to the word, there is an illustration to make it easier to guess the word and arrange the letters in the correct order.

Is the writing task too easy for a preschool-aged child?

The child finds these tasks boring. Maybe it’s worth trying tasks with missing letter

Lost letters “pro” version – in exercise there are multiple missing letters

Is the writing task too easy for a preschool-aged child?

Let’s step back and give simpler tasks. Overly complicated tasks can discourage the desire to learn. From time to time, the child needs to be given something easier, so they understand that they can handle the tasks quite well. You can let the child choose for themselves, either several pages with easy tasks or one worksheet with more challenging ones.

If you feel that this task is too difficult for the child, let’s provide easier worksheets for reading skills. For example, worksheets with missing letters, where one letter from the word is missing.

Lost letters

How can I get free worksheets for children?

  • Fill out the form.
  • We will send a link to printable worksheets for preschool.
  • Download the printable task sheets.
  • Print using your available printer.
  • Complete the tasks together with the children.
  • Fill out the form again to get another worksheet variant.
  • Share the task sheets with others, post on social networks.

Download free printable worksheets

Fill out the form and we will send you a link to printable worksheets. The printable task sheets consist of 10 pages, each containing 6 examples. In the examples, there is an illustration and a word where the letters are jumbled. Children need to arrange the letters in the correct order.

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We create worksheets and tasks for children, which takes time and energy. Your support means a lot to us. The easiest and painless way to support us is through word of mouth. That means sharing with friends, family, acquaintances. Follow our social profiles, share the tasks we create for children on your social networks. This will motivate us to work on new educational materials for children.

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