Story, fairy tale animation, puppetry

We have found your next favorite hobby – creating story-based animations with puppets, and drawings. Although most animations are done on computers nowadays, there are still many options available for analog animation enthusiasts. One great example is puppetry.

In this article, we will be focusing on analog animation using overhead projectors. These old-school devices allow you to put transparent sheets on them and project the images onto a screen. Not really great investment right? While they may not be the latest technology, you can find a used one at a low price or for free.

The idea behind this type of animation is pretty simple. You can draw characters from your favorite stories onto transparent sheets and then use the overhead projector to animate them. This can be a fun and entertaining activity to do with family and friends, especially children.

You can even use the projector to play guessing games with your guests. Simply project transparent or non-transparent objects onto the screen and have your guests guess what the object is. Children are sure to love this activity, and it can be a great way to spend a few evenings with friends and family. While computer animation may be the norm today, there is still something special about analog animation that should not be overlooked.

What’s needed

  • Used overhead projector – You can check online marketplaces such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace to find a used overhead projector.
  • Transparent sheets – For your canvas, you can use document pockets or any transparent plastic. You can even use cut plastic bottles.
  • Permanent markers – It is recommended that you first draw on white paper to test your drawings before redrawing them on a transparent sheet.
  • Choose a fairy tale or story to “animate” – When choosing a fairy tale or story to “animate,” it is advisable to start with simpler stories with fewer characters and decorations. These are easier to remember and retell, especially for children.
  • If you have a printer and do not want to draw everything by hand, there are sheets of transparent “paper” that can be used in printers. However, not all plastic sheets are suitable for use in printers. Some may only work with inkjet printers. If the paper is thin enough, it may be possible to project the light through it using an overhead projector.
  • To draw your characters and scenery, use permanent markers to create your illustrations on transparent sheets.
  • Wait for dark or close the curtains and the show can start.

Why is it an awesome idea?

  • It’s interesting for both young and old, kids and parents.
  • It’s a great way to get kids off their gadgets.
  • Kids can learn how to illustrate and transfer their imagination onto paper.
  • Children can learn how to retell stories.
  • Additionally, they can learn how to present their stories in front of others.

While we have not done this for some time, we believe it can be a fun and engaging activity for everyone involved. And also dark period of the year is here so we will restart to do this more often, and we recommend you do the same thing too.

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