Games and activities for children party

Maybe this list of activities and games will be helpful or, at the very least, provide some ideas about what to do.
Based on our experience, kids often take charge of the party themselves, but there are times when they need something extra to keep them occupied. It’s a nice idea to have small presents as party favors for the kids to take home, such as chocolate medals.

Big, big…. Oh. My….

The kids form a circle, with one child designated as the “Big.” Numbers are assigned in a clockwise order, starting with the Big. After the Big comes One, followed by Two, Three, and so on. If there are five players, the Big will have One on the left side and Four on the right side. The main objective of the game is to “send forward” the call without accepting it back.

Each game round starts with the Big, and it continues until someone makes a mistake, at which point everyone calls out “Oh, My…”

At the start of each round, the Big calls out another player to continue the game. For instance, the Big may say, “Big, big, Three, three.” As a result, Three becomes the new leader and must pass it on. When someone is called out, a specific action is typically performed, such as clapping hands for the first two words and clapping hands against legs for the second two words. For instance, it could be done as follows: “Big (clap), big (clap), Three (clap against legs), Three (clap against legs).”

The round continues until someone makes a mistake. When a mistake occurs, everyone shouts, “Oh… My…” The person who made the mistake then moves to the “end of the circle,” standing next to the Big.

Mistake is:

  • If someone is slow to react compared to other players…
  • If instead of passing to someone else it is passed straight back. For example, Big: “Big, Big, Four, Four” , Four: “Four, Four, Three, Three.” – This is allowed as not passing back to the Big. Three: “Three, Three, Four, Four” – This is a mistake as the previous call was from Four. And everybody calls “Oh… My…”.
  • If someone mistakes his order number – reacts to the wrong number or doesn’t react to the call out addressed to a particular player.
  • If the order of clapping is wrong. For example, instead of the first clap with hands, it is done on the legs.

The action when called could be something different than clapping, or even change from call out to call out – so that next repeats just the last part.

Guess the melody

This game can be played either in teams or all together. One child wears headphones to listen to a song privately, ensuring that other guests cannot hear it. The player then hums the melody of the song without singing the lyrics. If played in teams, one team attempts to guess the song. If they correctly guess any part of the lyrics or the song’s title, it is considered a correct answer.

  • Need headphones, so that sound of the song is heard by the player that hums the song.
  • Have to prepare a song list, with some popular songs that could be known for the majority of the guests. Write them on small papers so that can be drawn out of a box, or a hat, or something.
  • Timer for limiting the round
  • Would be nice some small presents, candies for the one that gives the correct answer.

Guess a song, animation, or movie by the description

his game can be played in teams or with all guests together. One of the guests presents a trailer or an image from a popular movie or a video clip of a song (without the song itself). The player’s task is to describe what is happening on the screen, while the other guests try to guess the movie being described. It is important to focus on describing the visual elements rather than the plot of the movie. Additionally, you can set a time limit for each round of the game.

  • Have to prepare trailers or songs for the guessing. Write names on the small papers and let the player draw one.
  • Timer to limit the round
  • Small gifts or presents for the correct answer. For example, chocolate medals.

Guess what I am drawing

In this game, one player is drawing while the other guests try to guess what is being drawn. The player gradually adds more details until the correct answer is given. The game can be either time-limited or continue until the correct answer is guessed. It can be played with all party guests together or divided into teams, with the team guessing the answer within a specified time.

  • Paper sheets (bigger better) or whiteboard.
  • Prepare words that should be drawn. Could be used as Alias cards.
  • Some kind of timer, for limiting the round.
  • Small things, presents to be given to the painter.

Charades – Silent show

My guess is that this doesn’t need to be explained, but… In this game, the player attempts to communicate without using sounds or pointing, using gestures or actions to convey words or phrases. The other guests then try to guess what the player is trying to communicate. This game can be played with everyone together or with guests split into teams.

  • Have to prepare words that will be guessed – again Alias cards can be used.
  • Timer for limiting the round.
  • Additionally, small presents, for the player, to motivate anybody.

Birthday quiz

In this activity, questions are posed to the guests about the birthday celebrant. The game can be played individually or in teams. It requires some preparation, as you need to create questions and obtain the correct answers from the birthday boy or girl in advance. For instance, you can ask about their favorite color, movie, or what they enjoy doing in their free time. The questions can cover various aspects, providing an opportunity for everyone to test their knowledge about the birthday jubilee.

  • Prepare a list of questions
  • Get the correct answers
  • Some small prizes for the right answers or winning team

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