Most Played Video Games in 2022

Yes… A delayed article. But perhaps some of these games will also interest you. We wrote about split-screen games – games that multiple players can play on one computer / game console. This time we offer a look at games we have played in the previous year. Most of them are relatively old games and will work without problems on any relatively modern computer or laptop. These games are not particularly demanding on computer resources and, perhaps most importantly, they often come with significant discounts.
If any of the games caught your interest, add them to your wishlist and be patient, wait for discounts on these games. Discounts for old games are quite common and often reach 75%, but sometimes even more.

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Super Tux Kart

A free, open-source game that we have played both on a single screen as a split-screen game, as well as online, each at their own device. The game is available for free on various platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, Android TV, and iOS.


A free, open-source Minecraft alternative. Occasionally, cousins, siblings, friends join our self-created world. It is incomparably cheaper than buying Minecraft for everyone, and moreover, Minetest is available on various platforms – Windows, Linux, Android, and everyone can play together by connecting to the same world.

Lego City Underground

Investigate crimes in the Lego city. The game can be played alone or together with a family member or friend – a split-screen game.

The Lego Movie Videogame

If you liked the Lego Movie, you will also enjoy the game. Experience the events of the movie in the game, either alone or with a brother, sister, or friend. The game can be played with 2 players on one screen – a split-screen game.

The Lego Movie 2 Videogame

Finished the Lego Movie Videogame, it’s time for the sequel. Travel between different systems/planets and experience the events of the Lego Movie 2 in the game, either alone, with a family member, or with friends – a split-screen game.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Yes! We have played many Lego games because they can be played alone or with a brother, sister, or friends – a split-screen game. Batman is one of our favorite heroes. We also have the third part on our list, but the kids need to finish the game they started to get to the third part of the Lego Batman games.

Castle of Illusion

Mickey Mouse’s friend Minnie has been kidnapped by an evil witch. And Mickey has to go save his friend. The game is similar to other platform games (like Mario) – you have to jump over obstacles, avoid them, and fight with “bosses” in the levels. It’s a very beautifully game, eye pleasing.

Urban Trial Playground

Compete with a friend in riding a trial bike, you can do it together on one screen or alone.


It all starts with the fact that the village has run out of water, and the village king asks you to investigate why this has happened. In the game, you have to solve various tasks, puzzles, and challenges. The game can be played by a single player, but even for spectators, it won’t be boring, as some tasks will require multiple minds to figure out how to solve them.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

You are a little dragon and you have to rescue your friends from captivity.

Bang Bang Racing

This is one of the first split-screen games that we bought. The game can be played by 4 players. Even if you don’t catch it on sale, the game has a fairly budget-friendly price.

Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

If you like Sonic the Hedgehog, then this is one of the games you definitely need to get. Races between various heroes from Sonic cartoons. And besides, this game can be played by 4 players on one screen. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Super Tux Kart, Mario Kart – during races, you can use accelerations and cause trouble for other players.

Crazy Machines 3

This game will also challenge adults. Various puzzles need to be solved – placing obstacles, switches, springs, and other mechanisms to guide the ball to its destination.

Garfield Kart

We’re a bit disappointed with this purchase because we haven’t been able to connect multiple controllers to this game yet. But it’s possible that it’s more of a matter of our computer skills than a fault with the game itself. Since this game can also be played alone, we occasionally play this kart racing game.

The game supposedly supports multiple players, but unfortunately, we haven’t managed to connect more than one controller in this game.

Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure

You can be as different Pixar cartoon heroes in the game. If you have seen these cartoons, you will definitely enjoy playing missions with these animated characters.

Pile Up!

One of the favorite games to play with friends. In the cardboard world, all of you are 4 boxes (you can also play alone, but it’s more fun together), and you have to complete various tasks together to open portals. The game also features mini-games, such as soccer.


The game’s story begins with Piku breaking a bridge, and the villagers capture and imprison him, demanding that he fix the bridge. After repairing the bridge, Piku becomes free, but the villagers ask for help in dealing with Mr. Sunshine, who wants to cut down all the trees. The game can be played by two on a split screen, completing various tasks and puzzles.

Stick Fight The Game

A fighting game where players battle against each other. Players have access to various weapons, but they must be careful not only of their opponents. The environment varies in levels and rooms, and there can be various traps where one can also lose a life.


You, alone or with 3 friends, have to rescue hostages from terrorists. The game is quite brutal, bloody, but will appeal to those who enjoy action-packed movies with intense plots. There are references in the game to many action movie heroes. You should judge for yourself whether the game is suitable for your child’s age.

Yoku’s Island Express

You are Yoku – a dung beetle – who arrives on an island and becomes a postman. By delivering letters, you learn that the island’s deity is in danger, and you take on the task of saving the island from the threat.

Pilot Brothers

Nostalgia played a role in purchasing this game. We watched a cartoon with the kids about detective brothers and the stolen elephant, and then we also bought this game. The animation is from my childhood so that is what pushed me to purchase the game. The game features various “rooms/screens” where puzzles need to be solved to progress to the next “room”. Just like in the cartoon, the solution is not always logical.

Tricky Towers

Have you ever played Tetris? How about playing Tetris competitively – who can build a tower faster, who can stack more blocks to a specific height? While playing, you might encounter a strong gust of wind or suddenly another player turns your blocks into pianos.

Knight Swap

If you like chess, you might also enjoy this game. It involves solving various chess puzzles and challenges – sometimes moving knights in non-standard boards. There is a series of similar games where tasks and pieces vary.

Out of space

Parasites have infested your spaceship. Your team, which can consist of just yourself or four players, must clean the ship of parasites. The game places a strong emphasis on teamwork, as you need to act quickly to prevent the parasites from spreading into already cleaned areas. Both fun and arguments are guaranteed while playing.


Nostalgia won me over, and I bought the game for the children that I used to play myself. The main character lives in a weaver’s guild. He investigates why all the village residents except for him have been turned into swans. The main character sets off after his flock of birds.


Another nostalgic purchase. But this game also has a more modern version, with much better graphics. A classic platformer game.

Go Home Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs want to ruin your picnic, you need to protect the grill from the dinosaurs.

Puzzle Chambers

You and other strangers have been kidnapped. To escape the room, you must solve a mathematical puzzle.

Moving Out

You are engaged in transporting goods – you have a limited time to load the heavy truck with cargo. The game is much more fun when played with friends.

Quest For The Golden Duck

An interpretation of the classic game PacMan. The objective is to collect all the coins to advance to the next level. In this variation, you can play with friends and against friends – some collect coins, while others try to catch them.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

The son was fascinated with monster truck cars, so we bought this game. In the game, you have to participate in races and compete in stunts. The game also allows for two-player mode on one screen, which is useful in our case – you can play with a sister/brother or a friend if someone comes over

Genius Greedy Mouse

The pink mouse navigates through mazes and eats cheese. To reach the cheese, one must avoid all sorts of troubles and traps. The game is available for free on the Steam platform. This game reminds me classic games as Boulderdash or Supaplex.

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