Latvian language: figures – decode the words translation is not given

Free printable worksheets for children for learning Latvian language. The topic of these exercises is geometric shapes. On ten worksheet pages, the child has to decode the names of the shapes in Latvian. Latvian words are with mixed letter order. In this versions of the worksheet, there are no translations for the encoded words.

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For whom are these printable worksheets intended for?

Primarily designed for primary school and first-grade students, as well as those who are just starting on their Latvian language learning quest. Through these tasks, exercises, children can strengthen their memory skills and develop associations between Latvian and English words. Made primarily for six to seven-year-olds, these exercises can be used by anyone that is learning Latvian language.

These tasks are done, they too easy already

Piemēŗs uzdevumiem: Angļu valoda: sporta aktivitātes – atšifrē vārdus

Angļu valoda: sporta aktivitātes – atšifrē vārdus

Tasks are a bit too hard, we need something easier

Example of exercise Latvian language: “pencil case” – test

Latvian language: “pencil case” – test

Printable worksheets for learning Latvian are available for free. In these ten task pages, the child needs to decode the words – names of shapes in Latvian. Latvian words with mixed letters are provided. The child or student needs to write the names of the shapes in the empty squares in Latvian, rearranging the letters in the correct order.

The collection of names of figures, list of words found in this worksheet


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