Dragon – Visual illusion. Printable Optical Illusion for Kids and Adults

Both kids will and adults will like it. This printable visual illusion features a dragon that appears to come to life when you close one eye. it will look like the dragon is watching you, turning his head and following your movement. This effect can also be observed when filming with a camera.

Table of Contents

You will need

  • Printer for printing out the worksheet
  • Pencils for colouring (optional, but it can be an extra task for children)
  • Scissors to cut out dragon
  • Glue pencil (not mandatory, but more convenient, the alternative is to fold and hook the special “hooks”)

Video with end result

The video is with T-Rex, not dragons, but the effect is exactly the same, only in real life you have to close one eye for the illusion to work.

Download printable visual illusion – dragon

  • Download the visual illusion – dragons
  • Print it out
  • Color the dragon
  • Cut it out, fold it and glue it
  • Close one eye
  • Turn the dragon and see how it comes to life and watches the watcher

Visual illustration – dragon document from https://www.thinkfun.com/

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