Learn to write capital letters – connect the dots

Teaching materials learning materials, printable tasks for children. Intended for preschool-age children. This task exercises the hands and teaches writing in printed capital letters.

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How to obtain these learning materials for home study?

  • Fill out the form to receive worksheets for children.
  • Receive a link to printable learning materials in your email.
  • Download these teaching resources to your computer.
  • Print the digital resource on an available printer.
  • Complete digital exercises together with the child.

Who are these digital resources intended for?

These printable worksheets are intended for preschool-age children, kindergarten students – four-year-olds, and five-year-olds. An excellent tool for kindergarten teachers, educators, and the material can also be useful in Montessori education.

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Download letter worksheets for preschool-age children

In printable worksheets for children, capital letters of the Latin alphabet are provided. When completing tasks, children need to connect the dots with a line, thus writing the letter.
In one row, there is one letter, and in each subsequent column, there are fewer dots.
This way the child needs to observe how the letter is written.

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