Latvian language: pencil case – match answers

Free printable worksheets for kids for learning Latvian language. Topic “Pencil case”. In ten pages of the task, the child has to connect words in English with their translations in Latvian.

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What are these printable worksheets for?

These worksheets are mainly for primary school, first grade and those who have just started learning Latvian language. One of the first topics is a pencil case – the tasks of this worksheet will help children to train their memory and make connections between relevant words in Latvian and their translations in English.
Primary tasks are intended for seven-year-old, and six-year-old children.

Too easy?

Latvian language: pencil case – decode the word

Latvian language: pencil case – decode the word

Too hard?

Exercise example for Latvian language: colors – test worksheet

Latvian language: colors – test worksheet

Download and print free worksheets for kids

Free printable worksheets for learning Latvian language. In these ten worksheet pages. The child must match the names of the stationery names in Latvian with their translations in English.

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Pencil SharpnerZīmuļu asināmais

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