Clear watter from plastic bottles isn’t so clear…

We are using plastic in so many different ways and probably we are using / consuming it in the ways we are not imagening. Plastic is cheap and versatile material, but it has also a “dark side”.
We recommend to watch this witty short film about life cycle of plastic bag.

Not long time ago was published study that was testing water in plastic bottles and in about 90% cases were found microscopic plastic particles in that water.
Unfortunately there is not enough data, evidence to tell if that has bad or no effect on human life, health.
We can only hope that there is none, or small.
But always be aware of this and don’t eat hot meals from plastic tableware that is not marked appropriately, hence for consuming, storing hot meals.

Its just beginning for such studies, but its 100% clear that plastic bag that is not recycled will not go anywhere. It returns back to us in one way or another.

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